Do I Need A Website?

Why have a website? Well, it’s been said that in today’s market, if you do not have a website you are invisible.

Today, this is definitely true for most businesses, if not the guy selling shades at the traffic lights. The most important thing to consider, is that if your competitors have a website they are most definitely one up on you in terms of marketing themselves and attracting your potential customers their way.

These days, people are less interested in interruption marketing such as television and radio where messages are forced on them. There are now so many ways they can choose to tune these messages out, such as PVR systems. The best example however is the Internet. People can easily look for what they want and choose who to engage with, and who not too.

Buyers can easily search for products online, specifying exactly what it is they are looking for. They are even able to compare products from the comfort of their home. Customers have a choice whether to click on advertising that interests them and they have a choice whether to browse a website they visit or to bounce off it and go elsewhere.

In this sense you have a matter of seconds to catch a person’s attention and sell them on your services.

Have a Helpful Website

Even Facebook has to ask you if you would like to download an application before you use it or not…you have to give permission to receive emails from potential marketers. As a business you have to be more inviting than ever, which means using inbound marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media to your advantage.

The question isn’t “why have a website?” The bottom line is that you had better have a website and it had better be better than your competitors. The question is how to have a website that uses inbound marketing to attract your buyers?

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